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Who is Janet?


Janet Jackson is an award-winning serial entrepreneur. She is known all over as “The Boss Chix” and for producing some of the hottest celebrity events, parties, and charitable events in Atlanta and beyond. But if asked, she would say that her biggest accomplishment is being a mother. Raised in a small town outside of Memphis Tennessee, Janet formed a close relationship with God at a very early age. 


With a Military background, experience in Modeling, HR and Special Event Planning, Janet was off to a great start to hit the entertainment industry with a slam-dunk.  However, it was not those things that led her to the business. Janet found her way into the entertainment industry just by being a “Socialite and with her many business relationships”. She always attended all of the hottest affairs and red-carpet events. Eventually, Janet realized that the socializing she was doing could be put to great use, since she was such a great people person, socialite, and networker. Janet began to book celebrities for special events, concerts, and parties and built a business around doing what she loves: socializing.


Pushing past many roadblocks she dealt with both sexism and racism.  She was told that female Promoters didn’t really stand a chance and that it would be almost impossible to go against all of the male Promoters. But Janet rose to that challenge and did not let that prevent her from what she had to do. And boy did she do it! 


Founder and CEO of Jackson Events & Entertainment, she decided that she didn't want to just focus on parties, even though she did those very well, but to also add a division that also focused on booking amazing talent for many types of events. Today, Jackson Events & Entertainment, also known as J.E.E., is one of the top booking agencies in North America. Over the years she has been fortunate enough to build many incredible relationships and it hasn't stopped yet. She has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, as a Promoter such as Beyonce', LL Cool J, and Snoop Dogg, just to name a few.


Janet has always believed that being a woman does not make you less qualified for the business and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. For that reason, she formed Boss Chix ATL which is a female movement to encourage women to go after their goals, while offering business consulting, marketing and promotions, and more services to other women, while supporting and helping them to reach their goals. Her favorite quote is "Behind Every Successful Woman is a Tribe of other Successful Women Who Have Her Back."


Janet enjoys philanthropy work. She frequently hosts events benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence, AIDS, Human and Sex Trafficking, Autism, and more. She loves spending time with the youth and visiting schools, such as the Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy and others. She plans on bringing many more health awareness and philanthropy events in the near future.


Further expanding her brand, Janet’s most recent accomplishment has been Moonlight Pizza. Moonlight Pizza is your neighborhood pizzeria where you can enjoy our pizza pies, delicious wings, pasta, salads, and much more. But there’s more. Moonlight Pizza is open from 11 am to 4 am to satisfy everyone’s late-night cravings. Janet currently owns 3 locations. Little 5 Points, Atlanta, Greenbriar Atlanta, and Jacksonville, Florida and there will be 3 others opening in the very near future.


While her life may appear glamorous, she admits that she went through a very dark period in her life. Losing most of her immediate family once made her want to give up, especially the loss of her dear Mom, Iris. Having overcome so many obstacles, such as traumatic injuries from a major car accident, which caused her to have to learn to walk all over again, she strongly relies on her faith. She's very passionate about inspiring others through her powerful testimony and constantly reminds others that "It's not how many times you get knocked down that counts, but simply how many times you get back up."


Janet has won various community and honorary awards in the past several years, including, The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden in 2022, The Journey Award for Philanthropist of the Year and most recently she was honored with the 2023 recipient of the 100 Women to KNOW in America Award, presented by JPMorgan Chase and is a recognition that showcases the more influential, achieved and honorable women in our society. This Award is presented to women who exemplify what it means to be high-achieving and ambitious on the next level and continue to pour into their communities as they do so. These are only just a few of her many awards received.


While the job may sound fun and easy, Janet makes it clear that this has not been a smooth ride. She states, “Being a female just alone, will limit people’s faith in you, but you have to stay focused in this cutthroat industry to prove them wrong.” Janet has been blessed to make it in the entertainment industry this long and with her upcoming new projects I’m sure we can expect to see her 20 more years!

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